03 February 2014

New chapter and adventure.

Assalammualaikum & hello everyone!

Okay so where do I start?! Ahahaha. Alright hold on... lemme take a deep breath. :p


I'm sorry. I did write up a new post but it was...... dush!! I was lack of ideas hehehe. Alright lets start with my school life (yucks)!!!!!!!! Mmmm this is my last year. My senior year! Honestly saying, I am (always) not ready for this year. It's my last year which means I'm gonna be facing the most feared exam ever for Malaysian secondary school students, SPM! It's a test for every students in form 5 (seniors), before we could further our studies to universities/collages/A-levels/stpm(form 6) and etc.

I gotta work hard to get flying colours for all the subjects.... oh gosh I'm so nervous. Back in form 4, I was seriously in honeymoon mood oh damnn now I'm regretting it sobs.

Next, my twins is back to my school!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahahahahaha I was surprised but happy in the same time. However, it seems like my new close friend is getting apart from me. I realised her changes since my twins existence at the school. I told my best buddy about this and he asked me to just ignore this stuff. It will just making me more stressful. Yep,he's right. I got stress and depressed but thank God,thank God so much for sending me chill pills. Ahahahaha what I meant is my friends. I have many friends so yeah, seorang pergi, sepuluh mari. (it means that if one person leave,i don't have to worry,there's ten more supporting me) ;)

There is another thing I should tell you guys.
Hmm. How should I tell?

It's about...him. Yeah. That Sexy Vampire. Sigh. I should have just tell the story. Zzzz. Two days before new year, I met him. It was a planned surprises, I didn't expect at all to meet him and I was not ready at that time. You can ask my friend, I was very nervous hahahaha. It feels like meeting your future husband hahahaha what.....? I overheard his conversation with my friend (the mastermind) saying that he's probably moving back here this year to continue his study at my school a.k.a his former school.

Frankly, I was shock to hear that but obviously I'm happy! Hehehehe. However,he said it was just a plan, not confirm yet. And now, he's back. Yup. Based on what his best friends told me. He'll be here in this week,maybe on this Wednesday when school reopens (I'm on Chinese New Year holiday right now). But I'm still not sure though. Maybe this all is just a prank? Hahaha who knows.

This might sounds cliché ahahaha but seriously, I think there's still a space for him in my heart awwhhhhh :'> hahaha. I can't forget him. I tried. But I guess all this time I was just lying to myself. It's obvious though. Everyone could see it. I like him. No,no. I don't like him. I love him.

Oh damn.
There goes my feelings...

I'm typing this down but he wouldn't even know about this. He wouldn't even care about my feelings. Urgh. Sigh.

Okay I'm done. End of this topic. I'm leaving. Bye.

Lots of love,